Château de Messey - Les Maisons Vigneronnes Bed and Breakfast - Self catering apartment

Château de Messey : les Maisons Vigneronnes
Château de Messey : les Maisons Vigneronnes


« La nature est là qui t’invite et qui t’aime
Plonge-toi en son sein qu’elle t’ouvre toujours »
("Nature is there that invites you and love you
Immerse yourself in it that it always opens to you ")


To come to the Mâcon region, is to really understand the poetry of Lamartine who was inspired by this beautiful rolling countryside. To stay at our Bed and Breakfast means you can listen to the sounds of the old stone walls and become aware of their soul. You will smell the aroma of roasting meat whilst hearing the tinkling of notes from the piano, and will enjoy a candlelight dinner on the banks of the Natouze.
You will be pampered at the Château de Messey, nestled in an armchair by the fireplace or sitting outside on the grass. Your caring hosts, Delphine and Markus Schaefer, will soon make you part of the family. Their children will be delighted, parents permitting, to show you the newborn kittens or duck house.

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